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kettle Steaming croppedI am so sick of being scrunched up in my seat on the subway by people who know that the seat next to me, near the door next to the floor vents won’t adequately seat them without causing major seepage into the adjoining seat .  I am short and ample.  I am not thin.  If you too are not thin then please find another seat so that I don’t have endure your stranger arm and leg flesh coming in contact with mine.  EEEEW!  Ok.  I just had to get that out.  Looks like I’m not the only one with gripes.  Some Bowie residents are not in a Super Walmart kind of mood.  Protestors demonstrated against the soon coming Super Walmart to be located at Duvall Village, 4825 Glenndale Road, where the Super Fresh used to be.  There’s even a MoveOn Petition to stop this business from coming. 
WalmartThe Gazette covered the protest, “Residents were notified in March 2013 that Duvall Village shopping center off Annapolis Road was slated to receive a Super Wal mart, said Jennifer Dwyer of Bowie, one of the community group’s organizers. About 400 community members have signed a petition so far against the store, citing concerns about traffic congestion, parking lot crime and the addition of low-wage jobs instead of higher-earning jobs.  Walmart’s site plan, including the traffic and parking plan, was approved by the Prince George’s County planning board in April and the corporation is currently awaiting the appropriate building permits, said Amanda Henneberg, a Walmart spokeswoman. “I just think it’s absurd to think about putting a big box store in the middle of an upscale neighborhood,” he [Clemmie Strayhorn, 30 year Bowie resident] said. “The road is not designed to take the kind of traffic this would bring. This is not right, I don’t have a good feeling about this.” Joyce White, 69, of Bowie said she thinks the superstore will drive out smaller, privately-owned stores and depreciate area home values.”
CrimeThe recent spate of shootings, attacks and murders are another cause for alarm in a County that really is on the come up.  Don’t sneer at us Virginia or even other parts of Maryland and DC. With the trial of former Governor Bob McDonnell and his wife, Marion Barry driving the wrong way down Pennsylvania Avenue in a car that should have been booted, and various and asunder crimes taking place in Maryland counties, consider that we’re all in this crime boat together.  

Malcolm Paul Thomas
Malcolm Paul Thomas

A disturbing August 2nd double murder in Oxon Hill involved the shooting death of mother and daughter, Eunice Brooks (83 years old) and Janice Marshall-Thomas (54 years old).  The daughter, Ms. Marshall Thomas is the ex-wife of accused murderer  Malcolm Paul Thomas.  Ms. Marshall-Thomas filed for divorce from Malcolm Paul Thomas in 2011 on the grounds of “adultery, abandonment, and desertion.”  In New Carrollton, August 5th around 3:50am, 24-year-old Damato Anthony Coates of Carters Grove Place in Silver Spring was found dead behind an apartment building in the 7800 block of Riverdale Road. New Carrollton Police believe the shooting was random. That is even more disturbing. 
MS13 Gang MembersThen there’s the July 24th stabbing death of a homeless man, Amos Milburn Jones, who was killed by 6, count them 6, “undocumented immigrants” who are alleged to all be members of the MS-13 gang.  If you’re already here illegally, try abiding by the laws of this land and not stinking it up for those who are trying to do right. That’s all I’m saying on that.  Prince George’s County police said a preliminary investigation revealed that an argument between the suspects and Amos Milburn Jones escalated to a fatal stabbing.  All six defendants are charged as adults, including the 17-year-old female, with first-degree murder. They have given statements admitting to varying degrees of involvement.  The crew of six are being held at the Department of Corrections on a no-bond status. PGPD Chief Magaw  said, “This is a senseless crime that needlessly ended a man’s life. Such blatant disregard for any member of our community is deplorable. I’m grateful to our officers and detectives for quickly closing this case.”  I’m done. 
Well I thought I was done until I read about cars being broken in to and purses are being stolen  AT GRAVESITES IN SUITLAND.  I mean WHA-AT? From MyFoxDC:

grave stone crime sceneFuneral attendees in Maryland are being targeted by thieves. According to police, it has happened a number of times over the past few months. A group of mourners were gathered at Washington National Cemetery in Suitland on Saturday afternoon. Their attention was on a funeral service at a gravesite. According to Prince George’s County Police, at least two cars were broken into along the cemetery on Suitland Road. An additional theft happened Sunday at the Lincoln Memorial Cemetery next door. “It definitely makes you cringe to know that somebody would break into your vehicle and steal your belongings when you are at your most vulnerable point and mourning the death of a loved one,” said Prince George’s County Police Cpl. Maria McKinney. She says in those three cases, three women’s purses were taken from the vehicle.
There have been at least six cars broken into since June 1st between the two cemeteries and the Cedar Hill Cemetery across the street. The same company manages all three locations and tells FOX 5: “We are working with police and taking extra security measures.” The company asks that visitors to “Please keep purses and other valuables out of sight when your vehicle is parked, no matter where you are.”

Exclamation Mark Last BitsDoctor who died of Ebola virus  in Sierra Leone has family in Beltsville.  Story here.
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College Park is becoming “cool” and I love it.  Bisnow examines College Park’s come comeuppance HERE. I’ll be focusing more on College Park in my business post. 

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