Still Betting on Gambling: Cap Center Casino, Nat’l Harbor… (Demo)

I know I shouldn’t be so cynical but seriously: a casino at Largo Town Center, Rosecroft, AND a casino at the National Harbor?  We’ve all heard ad nauseam about County Executive Rushern Baker’s unholy alliance with Peterson Cos and all things gambling.  He cites the budget deficit faced by PGCo, drastically reduced property taxes, and other losses of revenue as impetus for this fast and furious drive to have another licensed gambling location in our lovely county.
Now local developer and Prince George’s County native Charles Hopkins of RMD Holdings has his eye on bringing another casino to the county.  A casino has been proposed for The Boulevard: The Casino at the Boulevard at Capital Centre .  Some major features: 4,750 slot machines, 117 table games, 5,000 parking spaces atop the casino.  The idea to bring a casino to The Boulevard, home of Golden Coral, one of my favorite DSWs, Sports Authority, and Chuck E. Cheese, is even more stupid and thoughtless then the National Harbor and Rosecroft Raceway brain fart.
What about the people of Prince George’s County?  What kind of jobs do our leaders think these wholesome institutions will bring?  Don’t get me wrong: there is dignity to work but the Prince George’s demographic needs career opportunities that casino employment doesn’t offers.  The county needs development and industry that doesn’t drain our systems.  How many more police will we have to hire to patrol these areas when the prostitutes, influx of drugs and criminals of opportunity show up?  Am I the only person thinking about this?
Bring businesses, festivals, theater, sporting events, even factories to this County.  Stop taxing everything and everyone to death.
Please tell me I’m not the only person thinking about this, this way.  Please.

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