Stop Sagging Pants Campaign (Demo)

“Pull ‘Em Up Campaign”

In an effort to draw attention to the problem with youth (not just boys now) wearing low, sagging pants as some strange style, the Take Charge Program is collecting belts at various drop off points until November 1st.  The belts are going to be distributed to needy youth at a later date.  I’m sure that there must be some plan in place to educate these youth on the origins of the sagging pants phenomena prior to trying force a belt into their misguided hands.  The Executive Director Jerrod Mustaf is quoted as saying, “We’ve been watching young men in our communities for the longest time having their pants sagging.”  “I have not really seen a lot been done about it.”  Mustaf ‘s solution is initiating a grassroots effort to bring the issue to everyone’s attention.
This is the most perplexing thing.  This degrading style has been around since the 1990s, without any sign of it being pitched into the fashion graveyard with parachute pants, jheri curls, Members Only jackets, et. al.  What is the appeal?  It’s not sexy to women.  The look tends toward the dingy actually.  Is it the shock value? Do the youth see it as identifying with Hip Hop’s counterculture? One writer I came across, The Ghetto Intellectual, likened the fad to the Black power picks lodged inside afro hairstyles during the 1960s&70s.  I disagree vehemently with that view.  How is a youth culture’s affair with positive self-identity anything akin to aligning yourself with the dregs of  prison hierarchy?    
There are drop off points for belts all throughout PGCo:  T.G.I. Fridays in District Heights, Prince George’s County Fire/EMS Department in Landover Hills, First Baptist Church of Highland Park, Thomas Johnson Middle School, the Town of Seat Pleasant, and more.  See the FLYER for all locations and those partnering with the effort.  For more information about the campaign, call 301-420-7395.


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