Strip Club Murder Happens Again and Again (Demo)

Brittany Sade McKinley, 25 years old, shot and killed by ex-boyfriend Michael Jerome Stewart, after what police officials deem a “domestic dispute.”
Michael Stewart was located in the Landover area and has been arrested.  He’s in custody , thanks to the Prince George’s Police Department and citizens like yourself.  Brittany was an exotic dancer at Irving’s Night Club on Central Avenue, Capitol Heights.  A preliminary police investigation has revealed that Stewart got into a confrontation with Brittany at her workplace (Irving’s Night Club).  After being kicked out by security, at some point Stewart went to the victim’s home in the 4600 block of Heath Street and waited for her to return home.  As Brittany and her female friend arrived at McKinley’s home, Stewart opened the car door and shot both women.
Ladies, gentlemen, get a good look at Brittany’s killer, Michael Jerome Stewart.  Get a good look at him:

Michael Jerome Stewart
Michael J. Stewart

Look at this joker and remember that Brittany probably thought dealing with him was something either she could handle or she couldn’t do any better than this.  Now she’s gone from this earth, leaving behind a two year old son to never ever know her.  And to the fellas, look at him and know that if you have a friend or relative that is prone to abusing women, it’s your responsibility to say something.  A young girl is dead.
Now let’s deal with Irving’s Night Club STRIP CLUB.  To the Prince George’s County Council, it’s time for you to go in and put this place out of business.  Thankfully the Council enacted legislation and requirements that allows the police department to essentially put these places out of business.  Most of us have seen the nondescript green and black building on Central Avenue; now you know just what it is.   In 2008, Irving’s Night Club STRIP CLUB was the murder scene where Jamaal William Clover was shot by an assailant and robbed at about 4:30 a.m. as he left the club with two women.   Irving’s Night Club STRIP CLUB is along the same stretch of Central Avenue as MSG Club, the site of another out of control club gathering that led to the murder of 20 year old Jasmine Jerona Banks in 2011. How many people have to die before we, as a community, stop letting this filth be dumped in our county?
Irving's Night Club
Irving’s Night Club: strip club


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This story happens to be about my cousin. This story has our whole family in shock & deeply sadden. & I’m happy that the police have this guy in custody. We all are hoping he gets exactly what he deserves. However I’m happy that her friend survived, I just wish that the both of them were so lucky. She we will truly be missed

Im sorry for ur lost but I think this is my friend from back in mount Rainer can u please confirm n if so please updat on the funereal arrangements

This is my Daughters father Michael Stewart is innocent until.proven guilty….

CeeMac… If this had happened at Home Depot or at McDonalds, would u want those places shut down. Probably not. Irving’s is not the blame for a domestic despute. Their are strip clubs all over the DMV area. Do u have a problem with Irving’s. Would you feel the same if this happened at Stadium strip club in DC. Stop blaming clubs for these murders. The clubs aren’t killing people, people are killing people. We need to figure out how to make these places safer. There was a murder last month at the TGIFridays in Bowie. Yet no one felt the need to blame them. So why do you feel the need to blame Irvings

CeeMac, I would love to sit down and discus this issue. Its also sad that you mentioned the 20 yr old young lady that was killed at MSG. U failed to mention that its been over a year and they still have not made an arrest.

We can discuss this until blue in the face but strip clubs and dance clubs with histories of violence have shown themselves unworthy of the public’s support. Why would I want to apply my tax dollars to making strip clubs safer places when our school systems are in trouble? And what is “sad” about tying together the pattern of murders that have taken place along this Central Avenue corridor. The fact that the MSG club murder has not been solved is the only sad point here. If you are a strip club supporter, line them up to set up shop in your neighborhood. I lived through V Street, K Street in DC with their strip clubs, porn theaters, and hoe houses and if you are naive enough to think that violence, prostitution, and drugs are not the mark of these psuedo establishments, then you are really blind. Not even in Las Vegas are these “businesses” without these ills. I want them shut down and from the looks of the padlocks on MSG et. al., my view is the prevailing one.

Aesthetically pleasing body movement, whether ballet or exotic dance, is a positive. So the clubs if properly managed are a positive. Is there some violence due to jealousy? If so, deal with the violence, not the dance or the dancers.

Dear CeeMac, first and foremost, allow me to say thank you on behalf of the Clover family and all victims of violent crimes….. I am the sister of Jamaal Clover, and we stand by your thoughts!!!!…. to those that have nothing but negativity to display save your comments…. this establishment should have been closed years ago. Many people have lost their lives. And to the family of Brittany my heart is with you…. May God continue to bless the family and may Irvings be closed forrrrrrrrrever…… You dont know what we feel critics until Uve been in our shoes,,,,, one Love

This could have happened anywhere…. She could have been working at the public library and had a psycho ex Boyfriend that did the same thing!! Its not the clubs fault and its definitely not this poor womans fault for working at such an establishment. The guy was obviously nuts & should have been locked up WAY sooner than now!! I can almost guarantee this is not his first violent offense!!
Something should be done about the “laws” protecting scumbags like him & allowing them to be free on our streets!! Closing down a strip club or two is NOT going to fix that!!
Why not fight to change the laws to.give women beaters and violent criminals more time & at least counseling, use tax dollars to try and stop these kinds of things from happening.
Are you really that dense that you think these STRIP CLUBS are the root of all the nastiness and violence??

IF you thought I was dense, you probably wouldn’t have even commented here at this blog. If you think that you can explain away the PATTERN of violence, drugs, prostitution, and crime that is a part of these establishments nationwide then I will leave you to your world where causality is moot. These dance clubs and strip clubs have a history of crime. McDonalds does not. The public library does not. TGIFridays does not. Target does not. Giant does not. Dollar General does not. Strip clubs, whether they be in NW DC or PGCo have crime connected. It is a statement of fact and what is also a fact is that when they are removed from communities, crime statistics go down. Julie Parker of the Prince George’s Community Police will tell you the same.

OK Ceemac. I get it now. Its a Central ave thang. Once again, ur blaming the wrong person. According to your preliminary report, Irving’s did what they suppose to do by getting him off their premises. U sound so stupid for trying to shut them down for doing what they suppose to do. I get it now. It’s a Central ave thang. If she worked at Stadium or the Penthouse in DC and this domestic dispute happened, u wouldnt even care that another life was taken. As long as it didn’t happen in your neighborhood. I get it..Its a Central Ave thang. What club do u want to blame for the 18 year old that we murdered walking to Central High School(since this is a Cental Ave thang). Since he stopped at the gas station to get a soda and got into a domestic depute, lets shut the gas station down. Or since he stopped at the donutshop and he stepped on someone brand new shoes. They got mad and shot him, lets shut down the donut shop. Or better yet, lets shut down the school because if he wasnt on his way to school, he would still be here today. The moral of the story is that we need to find a way to stop the murders. Irving’s is not the blame, Michael Stewart is the blame. Send your condolences to the family of Brittany McKinley…And send your praise the PG police department for catching the person that did it.

Michael Jerome Stewart was known affectionately as Fats. He frequented a lot of strip clubs in Prince Georges County, and has a long line of women with whom he has formed some sort of relationship… Even if it was just relations. Fats was my platonic friend. And we did meet at a STRIP CLUB… I feel you on the distinction between the two! Women get naked for dollars and there’s nothing respectable about it.., and hence its a strip club. But I’ve been there so I’m not judging… Nevertheless, Fats, to me, was cool. I cannot imagine him committing such a crime. I am certain there are some extenuating circumstances.., bath salts (sorry, a jest in poor taste)!?! Idk. But to me, this is uncharacteristic of him. There truly are no perpetrators here, only victims. He will be tried, and most probably convicted..,And then his daughter will lose a father. What a tragedy for all parties involved. May God bless and keep the families of these victims.

Just wanted to say that the killer Michael Jerome Stewart is a good friend of mine. We both were classmates in school(Duval High) in Lanham, MD. In school “Big Mike” as we caled him, was what I would call the class clown/play bully making everyone in the class laugh including me. After graduating we went are separate ways up until about 7 years ago on Facebook. I ran into him about 3 years ago on a bus coming home from work. He lost a lot of weight and matured a lot, I was happy for my homie. I just want to say that what he did wasn’t right in the least bit but Mike was a good dude, probably not in his right mind as he committed his crime. Who are we to judge? No one knows the breaking point in which you cross that line. We just pray and ask god to give us the strength and keep us sane. Sorry for the victim her family as well as Mike’s family.

Its crazy how quite a few of these comments are about the club and what’s happening to it. Like, am i missing something? Didn’t Brittany die because of this guy who couldn’t control his temper orrejection apparently. I dated Brittany for 3 years and even though she was very head strong and knew what she wanted she didn’t deserve to gunned down with no remorse. i hope the nigga gets life and even if he was upset i feel it was premeditated after being thrown out of the club. He had time to reconsider his actions but didn’t! My heart goes out to her Mother Pam and her sisters and son who lost his mother behind Michael’s foolishness.

Fu*k him he killed my friend!

Micheal Is My Brother In Law And To All Of Brittany Family Im So Very Sorry And Shock I Heard This But Please Dont Judge Him He Is A Great Man And Father To My Niece And Nephew!

He killed a fu*king girl bc she didnt want his sorry azz anymore. Idk this girl but what about her son he can never see his mom again. But he gets to play with your niece’s and newphew. Somebody need to call child services on yall azzez to even think he’s mentally capable of being around children. I feel sorry for women like you. what if that was your relative that he killed!!!! I’m sure you wouldnt not be on here at his offense. You would be saying other wise. Idiot!!!!

please shut the f#! up this is my father my name is lacey stokes and i have 1 sister he is a great person my heart goes out to the girls family but u dont know anything about this i dont give 2 f#!s about your oppinion i am 14 years old and as i am reading this comment it makes me want to beat your ass

You Need Your A** whipped 14 years old talking like that. I’m glad you r not my daughter because I will be in jail for beating the sh**t out of your grown as*. But then again, I’m Glad I’m not your momma because that mean I would have slept with your fat sloppy looking ass father with his murdering ass self. Girl go read a book. By Felicia…

Hello everyone, all comments given here is good. But one thing everyone has know is that The Lord is in control of all our destiny. Yes! Like someone said earlier we have to pray for him and all others that killed our children in order for me and you that lost a love one to get in heaven with my Lord, we have to do what’s right in God’s eye not man. I like to thank everyone for the support of my daughter Brittany, she was a beautiful child my first born a smile to die for and can heart. She is greatly missed by all of us. The ones that commit this crimes don’t understand when you take a human life it affects the whole family. My prayers goes out to all victims of crime and there families.Love all y’all because that’s what’s going to help me get with my father. Pam Brittany mom rip 9/16/2012 There’s three storms going through, in a storm,and GOD brought you out a storm. God Bless Everyone

I can hear u out Pam but the fact is, is that Brittany was a very happy person and always smiled no matter what and even in her casket she smiled and it hurts me to know that she’s not here and for michael (fats) to do such a harmful thing like that it just tore. Me apart in to tiny bits and left deep unhealing scars on my heart and I don’t want to cry but sometimes I just have to let it out and talk to britt about it and in my mins I imagine she reply …. and please lord excuse my language but, all this shiyt bout she was a damn stripper y’all needa stop cuz she was a hard working mother for her child and half of y’all would be surprise bout what she had and how much people love her cuz I only knew her for two mutha freekin months and she died about five or six days after my birth day and I am glad that Isaiah got to spend one last birth day with his loving mother and to let y’all know Zay was not two he’s six

Ingnorant ass commentors. The club doesn’t have anything to do with the crime. Stop using business and what ignorant ass do to say a business is bad. You don’t bad mouth the school when shit happens there, or the church. ppl shot and kill all the time at both. This incident didn’t happen at the business location. Stop hating on the only spot that she saw to help provide for herself and kids.
[Some foul language and racially offensive language has been removed from these comments]

Until u lose a loved one at the hands of that dumpster called Irvings STFU!!!

Yea I went to school with Michael Stewart he was always bully. bullying kids around all the time I guess he got what was finally cumin to him. he wasn’t a good person at all

@ Bishop You are lying. That dude was not a bully. He actually did not like for peopled to be bullied. What school did you go to?

Does anyone know the verdict of Michael?

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