Suburban Poverty and Del. Tiffany Alston Stripped (Demo)

The Washington Post reported on recent Census Bureau statistics that show suburban poverty levels are on the increase in most Washington, DC suburbs.  Prince George’s County’s current level is 9.3% of the total population.  That’s way too high considering statistically, Maryland has the highest median income, at $70k, of any U.S. state.  I’ve often said that this region has morphed into a space where you’re either doing well or barely making it.  Gentrification has done a major number on the sections of DC/MD/VA that were at least affordable.  The article doesn’t give too many hard statistics but you can go to the Census Bureau site, like I did, and see for yourself.
A ruling handed down Tuesday from Maryland’s Court of Appeals has suspended Prince George’s Del. Tiffany Alston (D) from practicing law in Maryland indefinitely.  The Court of Appeals opinion from Judge J. Barbera, referenced a lower court judge’s finding of Alston’s “repeated lack of cooperation and the continual habit of lateness, non-responsiveness, and dilatory practices”  along with examples of Alston improperly filing motions and allegations by the Attorney Grievance Commission of Maryland (Bar Association) that she violated the Maryland Lawyer’s Rules of Professional Conduct.  Alston’s attorney J. Wyndal Gordon was quoted in The WPost as saying he was pleased that the first-term lawmaker could eventually apply for reinstatement.  I think at this point, they both need to shut up and get to kissing some behind in Prince George’s County.  How can anyone every trust you to do your job again?  

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