Sunday Snippets (Demo)

TVOne Series Will to Live tells story of Yvette Cade, a Prince George’s County woman whose husband doused her with gasoline and set her on fire,  Renatta DeBlase, PGCo resident, recalls experiences at the forefront of jazz and Civil Rights as a white college student, Disturbing murder/suicide in Ft. Washington, HOPE LoanPort web site going live soon to help Maryland residents in foreclosure mediation.

Will to Live debuts with double episodes on Sunday, September 18th at 8:00 & 8:30.

Two men who worked together in Ft. Washington were found dead, victims of murder suicide.

With Stars in my Eyes is a book from author, Renatta DeBlase, a veteran of music and publishing.  It was the late 1960’s when Deblase, a young white college student from the suburbs fell in love with the jazz clubs of New York.  She would eventually become a major  advocate for jazz pianist Billy Taylor and the hugely influential Duke Ellington.

  • Adding this book to my list.  Maybe I’ll interview her too. 

HOPE LoanPort is a Washington, DC nonprofit with plans to introduce an online program that allows Maryland homeowners in foreclosure mediation to submit documents to their lender electronically  The site, funded by GMAC Mortgage LLC,  is expected to go live in October. 


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