Old Town Inn

Shrimp Pomodoro
Shrimp Pomodoro

As I sit here eating my leftovers from the Old Country Inn, I am revisiting the shrimp pomodoro and the seafood creole in full delicious effect.
What stood out in both dishes was the use of stewed tomatoes and capers.  For the seafood creole, the tomatoes and capers provide a tart balance to the spice of the dish.  I tasted a lot of Old Bay and pepper but it’s not overwhelming, thanks in large part to the dynamic duo.  Plump shrimp and salmon make up the lion’s share of the seafood in the creole all of which come atop white rice and tomato based broth.  I would have preferred more cayenne heat to the creole but that would make it a Cajun seafood dish so Old Town Inn got it right.  My hubster ordered the shrimp pomodoro, which was linguini in a sauce of tomatoes, garlic, pepper flakes, basil, and capers.  It was a good dish although I didn’t detect the flavor of basil or pepper flakes and it was topped by pre-shredded white cheese, I think it was mozzarella.   Freshly grated mozzarella would be better, I think.  The capers and tomatoes (almost deserve a Brangelina name like comatoes or tapers) made up for the missing elements.
Crab dip
Power Crab Dip

We started our meal with the Power Crab Dip; a cream cheesy dip with a good amount of crab meat.  I was initially taken aback by the fried, puffy tortilla chips that came with the dip; thought they might be too thick for such a rich dip but they worked.  A lighter chip, sourdough bread, or even a blue corn chip might work better because the dip is very thick and heavy with cream cheese.  Cornbread with honey butter arrived to the table in a small cast iron pan.  The cornbread’s consistency was a cross between cake and regular cornbread and a bit sweet but I like sweet cornbread.  Its accompanying dollop of honey butter actually had the undertone of honey and not sugar, as I’ve tasted with some other “honey” butters.
Old Town Inn has this ambiance that escorts you in.  Dark wood floors and low lighting spread a warmth where this same combination only masks flaws at other establishments.  The staff is friendly, personable, and attentive.  There were people there on dates, regular customers at the bar, and me and my hubster dining for the first time.  I’m sure we weren’t the only ones at the Old Town Inn who’ll be returning.  See you next time.

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