The Problem with Asian Dry Cleaners (Demo)

Remember that episode of Seinfeld when Jerry was trying to get the dry cleaner to admit he shrunk his shirt?
Legally, I couldn’t embed this clip so see it here.
“You shrunk it. You know you shrunk. Just tell me you shrunk it.”  Those were Jerry Seinfeld’s lines and my hubster’s scenario at the Best Cleaners on Harry S Truman Drive.  My hubster paid $10 to have some pants hemmed and the work was not done.  A woman at the cash register told my hubster that he didn’t ask for that; there was a back and forth with this woman that included my husband calmly insisting that he had, in fact, paid for this service.  The lady, let’s call her Lil Best, offered the fact that the cleaners had “fixed the side” of his pants.  to which the hubster responded, “But there was nothing wrong with the side of my pants.  My pants have not been hemmed.  Look, I’m showing it to you right now.”

Just admit it, Lil Best: You and the Best Cleaners forgot to hem my husband’s pants. 
My husband is not a liar.  The vast majority of Best Cleaners clientelle are not liars or cheats; you couldn’t sustain a business like that.  My husband was made to feel like he was some kind of scam artist.  Of course, once my husband asked if there was anything else of ours in the store for pick up, and Lil Best and the Bestettes pulled up his account and saw how much we spend on a regular in dry cleaning, they all started singing a different tune.  “Oh, we fix for you.  Please.  Give me pants.  We fix for you.”  The last thing they heard from the hubster was this: “We will never do business with you again.”
It has been decreed by the hubster and it is so: we shall never do business with them again.  Before leaving, the hubster asked Lil Best, “Do you think I woke up this morning just to come in here and try to get my pants hemmed for free?”   My hubster plays by the rules: he pays his taxes, votes, has clean credit, and has matriculated and been gainfully employed for decades.  He left the dry cleaners angrier then I’ve seen him in a while because there was an affront to his integrity as a man and a member of the very community Best Cleaners serves.
I’m sure there are issues and background that come into play regarding this topic of Asian dry cleaners and the communities they serve i.e. language barriers, dual-sided prejudices, cultural differences.  I’ll handle all that another day.  Fact is, if you think you will be cheated by members of the community where you chose to open your business, then you made a bad business decision.  Your paranoia is your own.
Be careful how and where you spend your money.  I’m not calling for a boycott of Best or Asian cleaners.  All I’m saying is watch it.  Consumer statistics for Black people have been broadcast and published all over the country.  We spend more money than anyone and we are keeping everyone afloat from the dry cleaners and carryout to Costco and Exxon.  If you are not being treated well by a business, find somewhere else to spend your money.   Don’t settle for businesses that open in your neighborhood, benefit from your money, but provide crappy service. 
You have options.  We are exercising ours.

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