This Week’s Fight with Fairfax (Demo)

This week was eventful.  Basically, we got into a fight with Fairfax County over the FBI relocation.  It started with Gerald Gordon calling us names and then we, as PGCo would do, called him to the carpet, then Gerald punked out and hid behind the skirt of Board of Supervisors Chairperson Sharon Bulova.  Next up, Gerald Gordon issues some half (bleep) non-apology saying he “regrets making that comment,” like we are too daft to realize that IS NOT AN APOLOGY.  Then Senator Ben Cardin enters the mix with a letter he wrote to good ol’ Gordon:

Mr. Gordon:

You owe the people of Prince George’s County, Maryland, and their public officials, an immediate, public apology.  I was appalled as I recently read reports of your comments denigrating and entire community in the context of where the Federal Bureau of Investigations should move its headquarters.  Such tasteless comments have no place in the competition for a public facility – or any facility….A personal apology cannot erase your comments or their intent from the record.  It will show the people of Prince George’s County that you understand the hurt caused by such language…

Gerald Gordon Fairfax
Gerald Gordon, Fairfax County Economic Development Authority

I can’t stand cowards and despite what the good people of Fairfax say in their posted comments on PGC Blog or at Washington Business Journal, Gerald Gordon is an old school, elitist punk.  Nuff said.
Don’t label me delusional.  There is too much crime in Prince George’s, some of the elected officials SUCK, and the schools are not at a level where our education system will draw families to the region but we are not Jack and Leslie Johnson.  Some of these are true no matter which part of this region you live; we all have a crime report (WPost Fairfax crime report) so let’s not point fingers (Dulles Rail Board Investigated by FBI).

In the immortal words of Rodney King, can’t we all just get along?  Maybe not.

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