Thursday, did you know… (Demo)

AMBER ALERT for missing MD boy, More legislation to drive out strip clubs, PGCo is greening and cleaning, County Exec. Baker is scrapping with Council over Attorney nomination, Domino’s founder to deliver burgers

Councilman Olson (D-College Park) introduced legislation that would require a special permit for these sneaky joints posing as restaurants and such during the day and then do a Jekyll/Hyde change to a strip club at night.  The permit process allows for community members to have a say in whether they want a strip club in the neighborhood. 

Pick up dates and times for planting materials, trash, and equipment used for Prince George’s County “Clean Up, Green Up”  county beautification project and day are listed in the press release.   The actual day is October 22nd but there are no objections to an early start.

County Executive Baker is up against the ropes after the Council voted in committee 4-0 to move Andree Green’s nomination to full Council with NO recommendation.  The spat is down right ugly with accusations that nominee Attorney Andree Green disrespected the Council members and that County Exec. Baker allowed Green to rifle through Council members personal emails while researching a case related to a SDA church in Laurel.

Now this might work in DC but in PGCo, I don’t think so.  The founder of Domino’s plans on franchising burger delivery joints where the delivery persons dress in fatigues and job partially to your door to deliver the food. The restaurants will have no seating, no drive thru, and delivery will be free with a minimum order of 2 burgers. 

Please view this AMBER Alert for William McQuain, last seen in Germantown, believed to be in a black Honda.


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