Thursday in PGCo, did you know…. (Demo)

Lightrail to Branch Avenue metro,  Has PGCo become more segregated?, Parkdale High students arrested for bomb scare, Evergreen Grocery coming to Hillcrest Heights, Upper Marlboro resident charged with charging   

It is now the top priority of the Charles County government that a light rail be built linking White Plains and Waldorf to the Branch Avenue metro station with stops in Prince George’s County.  I guess the coming gas tax will pay for this because everyone and everything around Charles County and Maryland is crying broke. Parkdale High students arrested for false bomb report,

  • Beam me up Scotty has not worked for them.  Story HERE

Washington Post is having a Q & A on this topic this coming Monday, I believe but you’re welcome to leave comments on the topic here.  Hosted by Ovetta Wiggins and Carol Morello, this promises to be an interesting talk.  Hope they cover socio-economic status and not just ethnicities.

There’s the type of dumb that drives you to call a bomb scare in during finals and then there’s the dumber type of dumb that makes you report seeing someone at your high school carrying a bomb.  I present to you…

Safeway left their Hillcrest Heights location in search of space to expand and compete with the likes of Walmart and Wegmanns.  Lower your prices and remove the hormones from your slightly rotted meat, then you will have a competition.

Tabitha Y. Contee , 39, of Upper Marlboro, has been indicted on one count of Felony Theft Scheme.  The charges allege that between May 2, 2007 and December 17, 2009, Contee made over $46,000 in unauthorized, personal purchases using her state-issued corporate purchasing card.  She was an employee of the Maryland Department of Natural Resources.


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