Timothy Dean Burger (Demo)

Me and the Hubster tried Timothy Dean Burger located at The Boulevard in Largo, MD last Friday night and I was pleased.  I know the restaurant opened earlier this year but I like to give a new restaurant a little time to find its footing before I go in to grub with them.
Mr. Timothy Dean himself was there having light conversation, tending to the customers, and instructing staff; a good sign.  It’s a very quaint and comfortable spot, just right for an informal gathering.  There’s ample parking, which is what brought us out.  I wanted to eat in DC, but after circling a couple of places looking for parking, we decided to find an eatery closer to home.  I believe this frustration to be one shared with the masses and a great impetus for supporting local Prince George’s County restaurants.  We need more of them though.  And not the big box kind like TGIFridays/Ruby Tuesdays/Applebees.  We need some stand alone, authentic restaurants, but I digress.
Timothy Dean Burger and FriesI’ll keep this review short and sweet.  They have good burgers.  You can taste that the meat is of high quality.  My sweet potato fries definitely could have been crisper, but that’s my personal preference.  The bacon on my cheeseburger was in good portion, fried until crisp.  Another personal preference of mine is bread that isn’t dense.  The burger’s bun was a bit large and thick but not so much so that I’d just chunk it in the trash.  Lettuce and tomato were cool, fresh and crisp, which  matters a great deal to me.  I hate burgers with warm, soggy veggies on top: YUCK!
Service was pleasant and accommodating.  Even the people out dining that evening were nice. Certainly I’ll be going back to try more menu items as my blasted diet permits. 
See their Facebook page HERE.
Timothy Dean Burger Exterior

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I am glad you enjoyed the food at TD’s. I tried the food in the first month of its opening. I had the pizza. Being born and raised in the Atlantic City, NJ area, I know a little something about good and great pizza. I was pleasantly surprised. I really enjoyed the crust and toppings on my pizza. I went the 1st time and got one slice. Two days later I got the taste in my mouth for Timothy Dean pizza again. This time I splurged and bought a whole pizza. It was good as a mug!!!!! This is contrary to most pizza I have tried in the Metro Washington and Baltimore Area.
I concur with your request for more authentic restaurants in Prince George’s County. In my blog I call for an increase of Independent, locally owned restaurants as opposed to chains and franchise restaurants like the ones you have named. where are the Start-Up restaurants and “hole -in-the-walls” by graduates of Prince George’s Community Colleges Culinary program that have fresh ideas and new take on dishes. I want more “indies” like Timothy Dean’s, Mrs. K’s Motel and Restaurant, Olde Towne Inn, Peachez, The Half Note, Grizzly’s, etc. which are run by local entrepreneurs that understand Prince George’s County residents, deliver excellent customer service, offer a great product, have a stake in the community and economy, and desire to partner with residents to find solutions to local problems. In my observations and readings, a restaurant and bar scene are vital parts of prosperous and vibrant communities. Professionals with median incomes like those in Prince George’s County ($73,447) want and demand quality restaurant, bar, and entertainment venues to gather and spend their disposable income. If it is not provided in their community, they will go somewhere else and spend it.
Lastly, Prince George’s County’s small business community has to do a better job of advertising and marketing. If people 10 minutes and less away from you don’t know who you are or what you offer, that is a problem. I think small business would do better pooling resources to advertise by industry and being creative with cross-marketing.

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