Tragedy in Capitol Heights: Marckel Norman Ross (Demo)

Marckel Norman Ross, 18 years old, murdered on his way to school in Capitol Heights.

Tuesday, September 11th, at 6:50 a.m., Prince George’s County police officers responded to the 6100 block of Old Central Avenue for a to find  Marckel Ross on his path to school, carrying his books and fatally shot.   He was a junior at Central High School; he lived in the 400 block of Abel Avenue in Capitol Heights, about a mile and a half from his school.  Marckel was unresponsive and suffering from an apparent gunshot wound.  He was pronounced dead on the scene.  Julie Parker, PGCo police spokeswoman, said a motive in the shooting is unknown, and a suspect has not yet been identified.
Marckel’s mother, Elizabeth Ross moved the family from Anne Arundel back to Prince George’s in 2009 because “they was old enough to be able to protect themselves a little bit, so I brought them back up here.”  That statement just defied all logic for me but moving on. Marckel was said to have had a hard time adjusting and was left back a grade, but was doing better.  As a student, Marckel had brought his grades back up to the point he’d made honor roll, he was also a part of the school’s ROTC, modeling club, and track team.   A group of boys, believed to have dropped out of the high school, were constantly trying to fight Marckel.  NBC4 reported that Elizabeth Ross took her complaints about Marckel’s bullying experience to the Board of Education. 
This story has made me cry this morning.


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