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The BusThis rain keeps on raining. My skin is starting to prune at the very sound of it. Uuurgh. I’m getting too much water outside and too much fire inside when I commute on Metro. How about that Metro as of late? Did you see the WMATA schedule of maintenance and subway station closings, Safe Track? Check out WPost’s breakdown to get prepared; it’s going to be a doozy.  Meanwhile, my blogger brother Bradley over at PG Urbanist is urging VRE and CSX commuter trains to pick up the slack during the impact months.  It’s painfully obvious that Prince Georgians need another option for fast transit into the city.  If I had more money, I’d be working a deal with some deserted spots with parking lots like the old Landover Mall and Laurel Regional Hospital and running commuter buses from there that stopped on Capitol Hill, L’Enfant Plaza, downtown DC, Foggy Bottom and Georgetown. Just my additional thoughts for the well healed who can make it happen. Shoot, Prince George’s County’s “The Bus” (HATE THAT NAME) could make a LOT of additional money if they could do it. I think I just helped solve this transit crisis. *pats self on back.*

domestic Violence word artAnother crisis in our area is the spiked number of domestic related crimes. Sons killing fathers, husbands killing wives, boyfriends who murder their girlfriends, and even fathers who murder their own baby along with the child’s mother.  We have all kinds of hot yoga, spinning, and Zumba classes going on; nothing wrong with physical health. But we have to focus on mental health too. I believe that mental health and domestic crimes are related because there has to be something unstable about you if you can kill your child because you don’t want to pay child support.  *sigh* What is distressing is that so many of the domestic violence victims from PGCo who’s stories have made the news have done the right thing. They filed the protective order, broke up with the person, or in some way sought out to separate from the victimizer.  Prince George’s County has various organizations that provide counseling and recovery assistance. Click HERE and HERE. Don’t give up.

BrandywineAnother potential crisis is arising in Brandywine, MD, over the proposed building of a gas-fired power plant.  Did you know that the Brandywine area is supposed to get 5 powerplants? WHO in the world wants all that in their region? Public News Service reported that “The state of Maryland is facing a federal civil rights complaint over approval of a gas-fired power plant in Brandywine. Earthjustice said the state is required under Title VI to consider whether there would be an “unjustified and unequal” impact on the basis of race.  Neal Gormley, senior associate attorney with Earthjustice, said that law was violated.

power plantThe Maryland agencies that decided that this plant should be built are putting a bunch of pollution sources into a community that’s 75 percent black, while whiter communities get cleaner air,” he said. Gormley said residents weren’t adequately informed about plans to build the 990-megawatt plant. “There are multiple power plants, all being planned to be built simultaneously in this community, for a total of five large fossil-fuel-fired power plants in the area of this one town,” he added. “So people in the local community were confused, to be honest, as anyone would be, and couldn’t really keep track of all these different projects.” The complaint was filed on behalf of Brandywine TB Coalition and Patuxent RiverKeeper.

Inhaler[NOTE] One in six black children has asthma, the highest of any racial group in the United States. The Maryland Department of Health said African-Americans in the state are nearly 2.5 times more likely to die from asthma. I encourage the residents of Brandywine and all of Prince George’s County to be a part of the asthma study by The National Center for Healthy Housing. The study focuses on the impact of indoor air quality on Maryland children with asthma

Asthma StudyFrom the organization: Does your child suffer from asthma? The National Center for Healthy Housing, a non-profit research organization, is now accepting applications for a study examining whether improving indoor air quality at home can reduce asthma symptoms and asthma attacks and improve quality of life for children and their parents. This is a unique study only for Maryland families with children suffering from asthma. Certain families will receive extensive home improvements—at no cost—designed to improve indoor air quality. A stipend (up to $350) will be paid to all study participants. The study will last one year.  Online application open now through May 31, 2016 at their website [button link=”” newwindow=”yes”] Asthma Study[/button]  


  •      Families who have a child, ages 5 to 16, with asthma.
  •      Who live in a single-family home or townhome in Maryland.
  •      Maintain private health (employer or ACA) insurance.

 Trash Pickup once a weekI put the trash out on Monday, well it was The Hubster who physically did it, but STILL our trash was outside where it sat and sat and sat, looking all pitiful and crazy. I went to the county website and, uuup, wait a minute. Just went back to the PGCo Waste Management site and NOW it says that our trash pick up is Tuesdays only. We are still waiting on the door hangers and new Toter trash can to be delivered starting in June. In the meantime, residents are voicing their confusion and dissatisfaction on local newscasts. Here is the county message problem: a start date was communicated in bold – after MAY 2nd, trash removal moves to once a week – but the small print says prior to this practice beginning in your neighborhood, your home will get two door hangers with reminder information about the change.  

korean air Change is coming to our schools too. Eleanor Roosevelt High School will teach Korean language classes from the 2016 to 2017 school year beginning in August. They even have a Korean Language Club. To celebrate the new language course offering, Korean club students are having a ticketed dinner show event on May 12th for  friends and family to share what they’ve learned about Korean language and culture. Math and science for middle school students is the focus of a grant from the National Science Foundation is allowing William and Mary Assistant Professor Meredith Kier to begin a three-year program aimed at getting middle school students interested in science in Prince George’s County, Maryland.
mathematics signsPrince George’s County middle schoolers and their teachers will take part in the E-Communities STEM focused program. YES! A grant from the National Science Foundation is allowing William and Mary assistant professor Meredith Kier and Howard University math education professor Deena Khalil to begin a three-year program aimed at getting middle school students interested in science in Prince George’s County. The project will pair up 20 engineers with 24 math and science teachers from two middle schools. The engineers will meet online with the teachers and create lessons incorporating real-world design skills. Students will also be able to use Skype to meet with the engineers online. “Research shows that kids are turned off from science and math by the time they reach high school, particularly females and students of color,” she said. Kier said roughly 2,400 students will take part in the program.
Marriott LargoI’ll do a business post soon, but just know that a lot is changing in our county. So much development going on. There’s a new Courtyard Marriot in Largo, YES LARGO near the Metro station AND the hotel is getting good reviews on Tripadvisor.comCourtyard by Marriott Largo Capital Beltway is a 107-room hotel located at 1320 Caraway Court in Largo. Some of the features are an indoor swimming pool, fitness center and guest laundry, and 975 square feet of meeting space to accommodate functions of up to 95 people. Bisnow featured the top three business projects in PGCo, and of course, I have something to add. New Carrollton, MGM, and the Hotel and University of Maryland are hot but what about the Whole Foods Plaza, Westphalia, Konterra, and Suitland?


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