Treasury Moving Out of Hyattsville (Demo)

Well ain’t this some mess?  First GSA does Prince George’s County dirty with the leasing process for HHS building in Rockville, essentially shafting the Prince George’s County Developers out of the deal.  Now the Department of Treasury is moving 450 jobs from Hyattsville to West Virginia.  I’m not WV hater; I’ve been there.  It’s pretty in places, but too rural for me and probably the lot of people who’ve become accustomed to the working for the Department of Treasury in Hyattsville.
From the Washington Post:

Treasury officials announced in February that they planned to consolidate the Bureau of Public Debt (BPD) and the Financial Management Service (FMS) into a new entity called the Fiscal Service. BPD borrows money needed to operate the government, while FMS operates payment, collection and other services.

 When they announced the planned merger in February, Treasury officials expected the move to save $36 million over five years “through management, administrative and support service efficiencies.” In January, the Treasury Department completed a merger of the two organizations’ data centers, at an estimated five-year savings of $129 million.

 The majority of BPD operations are in Parkersburg, about 315 miles from Prince George’s, near the Ohio border; real estate there is much less expensive than in Hyattsville. According to the GSA, which manages federal real estate, the move will help Treasury meet a directive from President Obama for agencies to more efficiently use their facilities.

 The Treasury Department said it was taking steps to assist the workers affected by the shift.  Colleen M. Kelley, president of the National Treasury Employees Union, said the union had been negotiating retirement packages and job training for employees who don’t want to move. She said she expects the first 50 jobs to move in November 2013.

That’s a big transition no matter what the employees decide to do.  Rep. Donna Edwards is fired up about it.  I just wonder what can really be done.

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