Tweet PGCo’s Police Chief Magaw (Demo)

Police Chief Magaw invites the community to tweet their concerns to him.

In an effort to jump start this Summer’s Transforming Neighborhoods Initiative, Police Chief Magaw invites Prince George’s County residents to tweet him on Thursday, May 31st, starting at 12 noon.  What are your concerns?  I have major ones and will be a’tweeting away.  Don’t sit back on the sidelines, complaining about what needs to be done.  Tweet the Police Chief and tell him what you think.  Your concern might already be on the departments radar but maybe not.  SPEAK UP!  It’s our county and our job to do more than just reside in Prince George’s; it’s high time we enjoy the privileges of living without the fear of crime.
Sign on to Twitter and become a follower of @PGPDNEWS .  If you already have an account, click HERE.
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