Vacation Resignation, CyberWatch, and Deputy Superintendent (Demo)

Lt. Governor Brown has a lot of explaining to do as it pertains to the Maryland Health Exchange.  A major resignation was handed in by the exchange’s executive director, who was vacationing while the computer glitches were mounting.  I wonder how much her salary was.  Certain positions and salaries have a clause in them that says “we pay you too much already so NO, you don’t get to lay on a beach while your project gains national bad press.”  The new deputy school superintendent gave a brief interview to the Washington Post.  Prince George’s Community College is making gains in their programs.  Nice to see forward thinking at this institution.  
Deputy-Supt-BannerWashington Post featured an interview with the new Deputy School Superintendent, Monique Whittington Davis.  She’s a Prince George’s County native, and graduated from the county’s school system.  Davis sees Common Core implementation as one of the county’s major challenges.  See interview HERE.
Prince George’s County Community College (PGCC) is the home of the new prestigious National CyberWatch Center Program.  The program is funded by a National Science Foundation grant.  This new program is a coup.  “The National CyberWatch Center program is on the leading edge both technologically and academically,” said Dr. Charlene Dukes, president of Prince George’s Community College.
computer security keyIndustry and government partners will celebrate its unprecedented expansion into a prestigious national program on Thursday, December 12, 2013 from 3:30-4:30 p.m. on the PGCC campus in the Center for Advanced Technology (CAT) building, Room 110.  “The CyberWatch Center’s Cybersecurity Education Solutions for the Nation project continues to help provide solutions to national cybersecurity educational challenges by leveraging its extensive network of academic institutions, government entities, and private industry partners,” said Casey W. O’Brien, Director of the National CyberWatch Center. Very good PGCC, very good.  This is the type of education we need for our residents.  Hopefully as graduates make gains, cybersecurity related businesses will follow.

Donna Pearce
Donna Pearce

Well the Gansler/Ivey Governor’s ticket is probably jumping for joy.  The Executive Director of the Maryland Exchange Rebecca Pearce has resigned after reports surfaced that while the Maryland Health Exchange was floundering, she was vacationing in the Cayman Islands.  Gansler/Ivey have been major critics of  Lt. Governor Brown’s handling of the set up and implementation of Maryland’s health exchange.  WBAL did a great story on the Baltimore Sun story.  Rebecca Pearce, the executive director of the Maryland Health Exchange resigned Friday. No reason was given.  Her resignation came hours after the Baltimore Sun reported Pearce went on a Cayman Islands vacation last week, as state officials were working to fix the technical glitches on the exchange’s website.

Pearce’s vacation also occurred as top officials were appearing at a state legislative hearing last week to answer questions about the website’s problems.  On Friday night, state officials confirmed to WBAL-TV that Pearce missed last week’s hearing because she was on vacation.  Maryland Health and Mental Hygiene Secretary Dr. Joshua Sharfstein, who oversees the board of the exchange announced the resignation in an email on Friday night. In the statement Sharfstein said that Pearce, “worked tirelessly and with tremendous dedication to build Maryland Health Connection over more than two years. The Board thanks her for her service and wishes her well in the future.”  *Dr. Sharfstein didn’t have anything nice-like to say about Prince George’s County’s incoming Schools Chief of Health Policy, Services and Innovation, Dr. Angela M. Wakhweya. SEE POST HERE.*

Carolyn Quattricki was named to serve as interim executive director.  Lt. Governor Anthony Brown, who Governor O’Malley put in charge of setting up the exchange, had been criticized for the website’s problems, by some of his opponents in next year’s gubernatorial election.  Earlier this week, Brown admitted that he was “partially responsible” for the website’s problems and officials were working to fix them.  Prince George’s County State Senator Jim Rosapepe, who co-chairs the Joint Legislative Audit Committee called Pearce’s resignation, “good news for taxpayers and for working families who need health insurance.”
In a statement released from his office, Rosapepe added, “Governor O’Malley and the legislature did their job getting the policy right, expanding health insurance. And, in states like Kentucky and California, the bureaucrats did their job, setting up systems to allow families to get the help they need. But, in Maryland, Ms. Pearce and her team dropped the ball. Too often high level government and corporate officials are not held accountable for their failures. That’s what happened on Wall Street in 2008. Not this time, in Maryland. Governor O’Malley and Lt. Governor Brown put customer service, good management, and results first — and held the responsible bureaucrat accountable.” Last week, Governor O’Malley told reporters that the website would be fixed by December 16.


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