Verizon Wireless Empowers Small Business (Demo)

Verizon’s Small Business Empowerment Series was held Wednesday night (Dec. 18th) at the National Women’s Museum in Washington, DC. 
PGC Blog was there!!
The guest speakers were Sheila Johnson and Cathy Hughes for the event; Jacque Reid was one of the moderators.  Every hors d’oeuvre was sampled and all seats were filled.  Verizon Wireless spokespeople revved up the crowd, gave away featured products to attendees, and then we heard from Sheila Johnson and Cathy Hughes.  It was a great evening.  Sheila Johnson, with her rich self, emphasized the need to know the law related to what you’re doing.  She described her business experience as comprehensive, and related her start as a classical violinist to the discipline she needed to prepared her for the rigors of owning and expansive enterprise.  Cathy Hughes took the seat and schooled the crowd in frank terms and hit on the hoochification of the Black female image.  She hit it hard.  Hughes was adamant about not letting people bring you down to their level and maintaining dignity in business.  What was even more beautiful about the evening is that these women are each others supporter.  They paid compliments to each other and heaped words of praise on the female, Black community that nurtured and encouraged them.  

The networking and camaraderie I experienced was great.  Saw some  one my Blogging While Brown and several Prince George’s County buddies : Angenella Fleming of NeoSoulLifestyle, Zaneilia Harris of Finance ‘n Stilettos, Gwen Haynes of Eventworthy, and Mrs. PR Protocol Barbara Holt-Streeter.  

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Great to connect with you at the event! Love your Blog!!

So sorry I missed you but it was a great event indeed 😉

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