Vince Canales in the News: Scandal? (Demo)

There is rather scandalous news about Vince Canales, candidate for Prince George’s County Council, District 4 seat.  Canales is the current President of the Prince George’s County Fraternal Order of Police. It is alleged that he has been having an affair with a Palm Beach, Florida woman, Leslie Wimes-Harris, founder of the non-profit Women on The Move for the LAST 24 YEARS.  According to a South Florida publication Gossip Extra, Wimes and Canales are the parents to an adult daughter born during the years of this affair.  What I want to know is all this true?
Here’s the excerpt from Gossip Extra:
She’s [Leslie Wimes] been Democratic Party stalwart Canales’ on-and-off mistress for nearly 24 years, when the two met while serving in the U.S. Air Force in Korea. With Wimes as his “action on the side,” Canales was married and divorced once, and became one of PG County’s most visible law enforcement officers. Then he was married for a second time, to the politically connected judge. Meanwhile, the affair brought Wimes a child, now an adult daughter whom Canales recognized as his own but rarely visits.

Vince Canales, Leslie Wimes-Harris
V. Canales and L. Wimes-Harris

Currently the president of the Prince George’s County Fraternal Order of Police, Canales ultimately ambitions to become county executive. “Vince Canales is a liar and a phony and should not even be running for office,” Wimes said in an exclusive interview with Gossip Extra. “He’s been lying to his family and his wife about us. He is being supported in his campaign by quite a few powerful people, and they should know about his secret life.” That includes, Wimes says: His sexting photos of his manhood, a la Anthony Wiener; his presence in an array of extreme-porn photo-sharing and swingers websites under the name nosleep952; and his use of FOP junkets to travel to sex rendezvous with Wimes.
Looks like current Councilwoman (Dist 4) Ingrid Turner needs to make sure whoever succeeds her is thoroughly vetted so we don’t end up with another Jack Johnson-ish scandal.  Vince Canales thought he would be running unopposed for the council seat, but since this scandal has broke, names of potential Council 4 nominees are popping to the surface.  It seems only logical that someone in District 4 should run against Canales now.  You’ll have to read the comments below the article for the real mess of the matter.  There are allegations that Canales has been on the swingers scene and posts some very sexual material online.  The only local information  I could find was a tweet by Washington Times reporter Andrea Noble; Cop Talk Radio, a Florida web site, covered it also.  So folks I can’t confirm any of this.  What stood out for me is that one of the comments on the article said Prince George’s County is “known for scandal.”  We have got to weed out this kind of public shame brought on us by those in power. ”

Canales Tweet from Noble

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It is all true. I know them both and I know what happened. Vince told some nasty lies about Leslie years ago to his family that ended up hurting their daughter. Leslie found out about it in late September. She wanted Vince to tell the truth for once. Vince has been cheating on his wives for years with her, and had she not found out about all the lies and porn crap, they would still be together.

Well, she wasn’t the only person he was cheating with. Him and some guy named Percy frequented the strip club I work at. He slept with one of the strippers at the club.

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