VOTE JUNE 24 Prince George’s (Demo)

vote June 24 FeatureI am going to be huffing and puffing and blowing your houses down today with my INSISTENCE that you vote in the JUNE 24th primary.  Everything is heating up.  Despite what the local media outlets have said, my folk who are working the polls are saying there is a great turnout and we all need to be a part of it.  Check out interviews I’ve done for Women on the Move with such candidates as Keith L. Gray (candidate for state delegate dist. 26), Warren Christopher (candidate running against Rep. Donna Edwards).  Definitely listen to my recent interview with Ron Watson who’s running for state delegate for newly formed district 23B on the PGC Blog Live blogtalk radio show; it’s a great interview even if I say so myself.
Ron WatsonSpeaking of candidate Ron Watson, I am privy to information from his opponent and church mate Thea Wilson.  Thea has instructed her poll workers to hijack people in the parking lot and ask them to “please consider voting for our candidate – Thea Wilson for House of Delegates. She is the ONLY WOMAN on the ballot for House of Delegates, She is endorsed by the County Executive and the Sierra Club, she is a business woman and an ordained minister at FBCG, she brings high ethics to government. If she can’t be your first choice, please consider her as your second choice since you get two choices for delegate. ‘Can we count on your vote?'”

Thea WilsonHer divine eithcs have her further instructing her poll people to go after members of First Baptist of Glenarden, where both she AND candidate Ron Watson are members and tell them:  “if they say they are members of [First Baptist of Glenarden] FBCG or you personally know them, please ask them to vote only for Thea Wilson for House of Delegates, even though they can choose two. This will ensure me a greater chance of winning since I have 4 other challengers.”
Wow.  Just wow.  Please listen to the interviews.  The forums held throughout the county don’t allow for much more than the candidates taking the podium and and espousing their talking points.  Interviews are in depth and allow for pointed questions.
Vote-June-24-1-1024x1024In the meantime, check out the “When You Don’t Vote” campaign brought to you by Prince George’s county’s own Flycandy PR firm.  The link gives you a lot of what you need to know about issues that hit you right in the pocket book/wallet.  What’s super-duper hot about this page is the voter 411 guideThis guide ROCKS! Put in your address and all races in your jurisdiction along with links to candidates’ websites, facebook pages, twitter feeds are listed.  You simply scroll through using the arrow.  I love it.  If you need to find your polling place, check the link HERE.
PGC Blog has not formally endorsed any candidates but there are some candidates in the PGC Blog hall of shame: Vince Canales (candidate for county council/district 4), Marilynn Bland (clerk/circuit court), Darren Swain (candidate state delegate/dist 24), Tiffany Alston (candidate state delegate/dist 24).

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