WAKE UP! PGCo, did you know… (Demo)

Southern PGCo meeting on metrorail,  Jericho City of Praise court case to get ruling, Job opening for Director of Public Affairs in PGCo, Gov. O’Malley convenes special session of the General Assembly to pass redistricting map. LA Fitness coming to Laurel

Prince George’s South County activists are saying they need metrorail to alleviate long commutes and traffic in the area.  I agree with them.  All the metrorail extensions go in other directions. 

Judge Dwight Jackson said he would rule in the “coming days” on a dispute between Minister Joel Peebles and Jericho City of Praise’s church board.  At stake is leadership of the church business.  It seems that prior to her death, Apostle Betty Peebles put a board in place to run the church business but Joel Peebles believes that job should be his.

The Office of Prince George’s County State;s Attorney is recruiting for a Director of Public Affairs and Strategy to work at the direction of the elected State’s Attorney.

Governor O’Malley convenes a special session today to “pass” redistricting legislation establishing some new districts.  Nobody is happy with his proposed map and it reads like an effort to oust Bartlett at everyone else’s expense, especially minorities.  What is the trend here?  What was redistricting like 10 years ago in MD?

LA Fitness is opening in Laurel Shopping Center on Route 1 in Fall of 2012.  The ones I’ve visited have been really nice gyms with a good layouts and most of all, no smelly odors like the Bally’s on Central Ave.


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