Wal-mart and Strip Clubs: What’s Your Vote? (Demo)

Tug of War Money featureToday is a new day, yes, it’s a Monday, but it’s still a new day.  I must admit, I’ve been negligent in my blogging and I appreciate your patience.  I’m renewed and committed and PGC Blog is poised to thrive.  I just had to get my bearings straight, as the seasoned saints used to say. 
WalmartWell there are a whole lot of votes coming up and going down.  Prince George’s County Council is meeting today regarding the approval of a detailed site plan for a 24-hour Wal-mart at the Duvall Village site at the intersection of Annapolis Road and Glendale Road.  Prince George’s County’s Planning Commission has already approved a plan to bring the 77,916 square foot Wal-mart super store to the former location of Super Fresh, now the plan goes to the County Council.  The Washington Post and Gazette have reported on neighbors who oppose the building of this behemoth store because they believe the values of their homes will be adversely impacted.  Wal-mart spokespeople say that 300 jobs will be created but the residents counter that the jobs created will be low paying and without good benefits. I’ve been checking the Prince George’s County Councils website for this meeting to go live, but so far, nothing.

UPDATE FROM WTOP.com: Prince George’s County Council members voted 9-0 Monday to send back to the Planning Board a request by Wal-Mart to build a nearly 78,000-square-foot store at the intersection of Annapolis Road, Route 450 and Glenn Dale Road, Route 953. On Monday, council member Andrea Harrison, who represents the district in Bowie where the Wal-Mart would be built, asked for further review. “I am not totally convinced that all of the issues that are of concern to the people who live in this community have fully been vetted,” Harrison told the council members sitting as the District Council.
I kept scrolling down the District Council agenda and came across a strip club case:
Bazz and Crue Strip ClubMonday’s District Council agenda includes the case of Maages Auditorium d/b/a Sinsaysionals pursuit of a special exception permit for an Lanham, MD adult entertainment joint aka a strip club in a commercial miscellaneous zone.  NO SIR AND NO MA’AM!!! Prince George’s County will NOT become a dumping ground for strip clubs.  Maages Auditorium (i.e. the owners of Bazz and Crue strip club in District Heights, and the owners of X4B Lounge) have filed a constitutional challenge  to Prince George’s County zoning laws, CB-46-2010 and CB-56-2011,  that require all “adult entertainment” businesses apply for permits and go through hearings with input from the community in order to be able to continue doing business in PGCo.    Check out the legal papers HEREWoodstream Village‘s HOA and community leader Arthur Turner have registered their opposition.  If you don’t want this mess in your community (please read this letter from Aurthur Turner about the prostitution and other crimes in the surrounding area), you better speak up now before it’s too late.  As of 9/8/ 2014, a hearing has been held and the County Council sitting as the District Council has taken the case “under advisement.”
Voted on ConverseThe Gazette has a cool rundown of all the referendum items coming to a ballot near you this November. Yes you’ll have to vote on whether to increase term limits for those who serve on the County Council or as County Executive from two terms to three, but there are all kinds of referendums related to funding county services, discrimination qualifiers, and how a new County Exec is put in place in the case of an emergency.  Be informed and pass it on. 

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