Wanted: District 7 Board of Education Member (Demo)

Carletta Fellows District 7 Board of Education is up for grabs since her shameful resignation.  Dern Carletta.   County Executive Baker is accepting applications for the seat.   The school board reform/takeover legislation (Maryland House of Delegates Bill 1107) gives the County Executive  appointment power when there is a Board of Education vacancy.  The County Executive’s appointee must reside in the School Board district where there is a vacancy.  In addition to that, on behalf of all the residents of Prince George’s County, we ask that you not have a police record with misdemeanor convictions like Carletta Fellows (see article) and we ask that you have a personal and professional, and yes and educational background that deems you fit for a position.  Having a passing fancy does not qualify you.  I have a passing fancy with dance.  You don’t see  me showing up to casting calls in a leotard and stretching.

Carletta Fellows
Carletta Fellows, Courtesy PGC Blog

And it is imperative that the Board of Education REVOKE ALL CREDIT CARDS like they said they would years ago.  Carletta got a bit happy with the card and paid her utility bills under the guise of her home being her home office. *blank stare*  Take the cards from everyone.  I must say that I am extremely disappointed in her.  That needs to be said: Carletta Fellows you are a current disappointment.  You let down the residents and this county.  May your future hold better only if you do better.

The application for the board seat is HERE.

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