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Watching TV thumbnailI had a lot of time to watch television this weekend. The Hubster was under the weather so nurse Ceemac was on duty.  Sunday morning, I watched the weekend TODAY show on NBC. OH-EM-GEE! NBC needs to swap this set of anchors out to replace the weekday anchors.  Anchors Sheinelle Jones, Andrea Canning, Craig Melvin, and Erica Hill have WAY MORE connectivity and chemistry than Matt Lauer and the funky bunch. I’ve taken to watching ABC’s morning show with Robin Roberts as of late because they have better issue coverage and they haven’t resorted to adopting puppies for ratings.  Key and peeleAnother show I’ve never viewed was the hilarious Key and Peele. This sketch comedy show on the Comedy Central network is fresh. It’s funny.  The show pushes the envelope with their subject matter, and the writing is excellent.  I actually got some good, out loud laughter from these two talented guys.
I needed that laughter this weekend and Monday, even into today.  There’s a lot going on in Prince George’s County and the world that surrounds our space.  Prime Minister Netanyahu spoke to Congress on Tuesday, and while he had some very valid points regarding a U.S. deal with Iran to reduce Iran’s nuclear production, the way in which he was invited to speak before Congress by Rep. Boehner without first consulting with anyone in the White House was disrespectful to the President of the United States.  No matter what side of the aisle on which you sit, we, as Americans, should be able to honor the system and hierarchy of government we say we hold dear.  I know I will get emails about immigration and President Obama’s use of executive privilege, use of force, the Affordable Care Act and so on, and so on. All I’m saying is check your history and your facts outside of a partisan think tank or news service before you get in your feelings.
Barbara MikulskiMoving on to local politics. Senator Barbara Mikulski announced that should would not be seeking a 6th term.  She’s the longest serving female U.S. senator in history and is the single handed reason female senators are no longer required to wear skirts while on the Senate floor.  WBAL reported on possible candidates for her soon to be vacant seat, “Potential candidates include former governors – Democrat Martin O’Malley and Republican Bob Ehrlich – and current House members, among them Republican Andy Harris and Democrats Chris Van Hollen, Donna Edwards and Elijah Cummings. Democratic Rep. John Delaney, a wealthy former businessman, made the first move, announcing over Twitter that he would explore the race.” O’Malley is saying he doesn’t want the gig; he’s focusing on a White House (cough-ya gotta be kidding me-cough) run.  I just don’t see O’Malley as a strong candidate for President.  I didn’t like the way he ran Maryland. He never addressed the over taxation of Marylanders to my satisfaction.

Jay Walker postSpeaking of over taxation, Delegate Jay Walker (MD Dist. 26) posted this to his Facebook page: “Ok time for another debate. Did you know in Maryland you pay tax on a bottled water at a store? You also pay tax on baked chicken made ate the store. You do not pay tax on “snacks”(potato chips, pretzels, etc.) Is this fair policy? Snack Tax would generate $20M per year. Last example if a student or adult goes to a vending machine they pay tax on a sandwich but not on a bag of chips?!?!”

Am I supposed to feel good about the Snack Tax bill, HB-964? I can’t even buy a SNACK without the state and county taxing me to death.  I’m eating healthier snacks now: apple chips, kale chips, tortilla chips made with flax seed and other great things that don’t belong in a tortilla chip.  LET ME HAVE MY CHIPS!! Please Delegate Walker, find a way to cut some fat and stop using taxation as the easy way into generating revenue. 
harris teeter logoSoon I’ll be able to purchase my snacks at Harris Teeter at the Bowie Marketplace Shopping Center on Annapolis Road.  There will be a press conference this Wednesday, March 4th at 11am held at Bowie Marketplace Shopping Center where County Executive Rushern Baker, Bowie Mayor G. Fredrick Robinson, Brian Berman of Berman Enterprises, and Councilman Todd Turner  will give more information about the opening of Harris Teeter.

Marriott HeadquartersThis could be a hopeful sign of the FBI purchasing space in PGCo: GSA announced that it has purchased a Riverdale, MD building at a price of $31 million.  GSA exercised its option to buy the building because it would be cheaper than continuing to pay rent, which was set to rise.  The 6-story, 324,415-square foot building, is located at 4700 River Rd., last traded in 2010 for $41.7 million. This is good news for Prince George’s County but the state of Maryland suffered a terrible blow in the business world. Marriott CEO, Arne M. Sorenson, announced that their headquarters will move out of Bethesda, Maryland when their lease expires in 2022.  According to the Washington Post article, Maryland has a reputation for being a place where it’s hard to do business.  Governor Hogan, we need you to make some calls and woo Marriott back.  They’re a huge employer in this state and we can’t afford to loose them.

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Yay! Harris Teeter! Now if Wal-Mart would just go to another location instead of trying to squeeze in (or expand) every space they can find in Prince George’s County.

I could agree with Marriott employing Marylanders, but it is more a Montgomery County issue. Sadly, AT&T has left serving customers in Greenbelt, MD [PG County] for the midwest. Plus, are PG County taxes so high that many stores at Bowie Town Center have relocated to Crofton’s new Waugh Chapel mall?

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