We are SO Unhealthy (Demo)

Prince George’s County is home to a LOT of unhealthy people.

A report released by the University of Maryland School of Public Health presented some disturbing findings on the health of Prince George’s County residents.  Too many of us are fat and too many of us smoke. While 75% of the residents have a doctor, of that 75%, a cool 10% see doctors outside of Prince George’s.  That’s not so bad.  My primary and gyno are both located in DC.  The scary findings are these: Prince George’s County has almost TWICE the amount of deaths from heart disease as Montgomery County and we lead this Maryland region in visits to the emergency room for asthma, hypertension, and diabetes related illnesses.  Compared to Howard, Montgomery, and Anne Arundel Counties, we have the least amount of  doctors, dentists, and mental health care providers per 100k residents.  In all fairness, I think this has to do with our close proximity to Washington, DC, and the fact that a LOT of PGCo residents work closer or inside the DC area and choose, like myself, to have doctors located there because it’s easier to squeeze in a week day visit if the office is close to work.
More scary stuff: Too many county residents are obese and too many smoke cigarettes.  34% of PGCo folk are obese and 35% are overweight.  Anywhere from 11%-17% are smoking on a regular or at least socially.  COME ON PEOPLE!!!
The report goes on to give glimmers of hope, noting the new direction of health care in the county.  “Today, Prince George’s County is primed for change with its new leadership and a renewed commitment to improving the health and quality of life of its citizens. Partnering with the state of Maryland, the University of Maryland Medical System, Dimensions Healthcare System and the public health system, the County has an exciting opportunity to re-imagine a health care system that enhances individual patient care, improves population health and reduces per capita costs of care. By integrating public health, primary care and a world-class regional medical center to serve the County and Southern Maryland, this new system would be known for its key characteristics.”
This world-class regional medical center will have approximately 278 beds and be used to treat people sicker than most average hospital patients.  The new, $600 million medical center will also provide clinics and doctors offices throughout the county to address non-emergency needs.   To find out the location, operating costs, and the financing plan, you’ll have to wait until this autumn.  So in the meantime, get to a Zumba class, your local track, the Sports & Fitness Center, a gym, a pool,…DO SOMETHING!!!!  And please, please, PU-LEAZE stop smoking.  Consider this your public service announcement.
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