West Nile Virus Death in MD, Dr. Oz at Howard (Demo)

Maryland resident dies from West Nile Virus
Dr. Oz providing 1000 free physicals at Howard University
Everyone from the Washington Post and Baltimore Sun to USA Today and all the on air newscasters are reporting that there has been a death in Maryland from the West Nile Virus.  What no one from the Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene will say is where the death occurred. **SIDEBAR** How about we change the name of this agency.  Mental Hygiene?!!! Exactly what is THAT?!! **End Sidebar
What I can tell you about the region that includes Prince George’s County is that, there have been 2 cases of West Nile Virus,  according to the Maryland West Nile Virus and Other Arbovirus Surveillance Results, July 1 – October 31, 2012.  The National Capitol area is comprised of Prince George’s, Montgomery, and Frederick County.  Don’t panic but do use that bug repellant, especially when you know you’ll be outside for extended times. 
September 5th at Howard University, Dr. Oz will give free physicals to first 1000 people to sign up with Fox 5.  The physicals will take place at the Blackburn Center NOT the hospital.  You must be a DC resident.  I suspect that the slots are taken but I’m a Howard University graduate and think that this is a great promotion for the school and considering the health of most Black people in DC, a really great opportunity to get checked out.

The 15 minutes mini-physical includes testing of 5 key areas: blood sugar, cholesterol, waist size, blood pressure, and weight.  Test result information will be given to DC officials so that have a picture of the health issues of the city.

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