Westphalia Development Chugging Along (Demo)

I’m not at all sure how Westphalia’s definition ties it to the Prince George’s County location. Not sure at all.  It defies my logic but Westphalia’s continued progress as a development seems to be defying the logic of a lot of the nay-sayers in the DC area.  You know the ones who LOVE IT when there’s bad news of a robbery or murder in Prince George’s County.  Here’s something you won’t see much coverage of.
Westphalia Project MeetingOn Wednesday, July 11, 2012, approximately 100 local business owners attended The Westphalia Project Briefing to learn about the scope of the project and the potential contracting opportunities for the local business community.  Hopefully this means that there will actually be money made by local businesses and residents, unlike the contracting woes going on in DC, and much like what I hear happened with the building of National Harbor and continued unfavorable hiring practices.
The proposed Westphalia Project is 6,000 acres of land across nine square miles from Ritchie Marlboro Road to Route 4, aka Pennsylvania Avenue, sits across Pennsylvania Avenue from Joint Base Andrews near Upper Marlboro.  Designated as an integrated mixed-use community, Westphalia will consist of the already built Marlboro Ridge (single family homes), Smith Home Farms (3600 units of single family homes and town homes), and Westphalia Town Center (retail and commercial development).  Planned amenities in the sector plan for Westphalia include: trails, walkable parks, a central park with an open recreations center and amphitheater, village centers, seven schools, police center, fire department, and a library.
Canadian developer, The Walton Group acquired a piece of the Westphalia Town Center project from a unit of Wells Fargo Bank for $29.5 million in February of 2012.  The Walton Group expects  to complete its first phase of development by 2014.  When finished, Westphalia will be the largest development in Prince George’s County since the National Harbor.  I won’t bore you with the details of how this deal was stalled because the original developer, Daniel Colton, defaulted on the loan and was later plead guilty to bribery charges in connection with former County Exec. Jack Johnson scandal.
Let’s learn from the past and move forward. Development is still happening on levels where even I’m surprised.  I sure hope there will be room for independent establishments and not just big box restaurants/stores.

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