What Liars Believe (Demo)

Nothing stops me in my tracks and will cause me to lose my religion like when someone tells a lie on me.  That happened recently on my DJ (day job).  It wasn’t just that the person lied on me, it’s that the person really believes the lie is the truth.  It made me wonder what kind of prism my liar views the world from.  Is the lens so clouded that the truth doesn’t even come into focus?  I found myself wondering the same things about the press and the Republican party as I read headlines about how the Benghazi and IRS scandal are “worse than Watergate and Iran Contra.” according to Rep. Steve King (R-IA)Rep. Steve King believes this lie because American lives were lost at the hands of terror groups and the Obama Administration, along with the CIA and State Department have yet to get their story straight on what they initially thought was the cause of the bombing at Benghazi but do we need to revisit Watergate to understand how this comparison goes beyond apples and oranges.  It’s a lie from a bitter party platform that has yet to get over the ending of the Antebellum period, republican President Nixon being impeached having to resign, republican President Reagan’s dirty hands in the Iran/Contra scandal, losing to President Bill Clinton twice, and losing to President Obama twice.  I am no supporter of the type of washed out statement given to then Ambassador Susan Rice to bandage a hemorrhaging wound after the murder of Americans by terrorists.  But it is a lie that this Benghazi situation is worse than the President of the United States burglarizing his opposition’s office, trying to cover it up, and then having to resign in the face of impeachment.  Eeeewww, I wouldn’t even mention Watergate or Iran/Contra if I were republican right now.  No lives were mortally lost in Watergate but plenty of people were lost as was the trust America had in the office of President. 

Bleeding Heart LiberalOh I know I’ll get emails calling me a ill-informed liberal democrat: I’m none of those things.  What I am is a person who tells the truth about our politics, and the truth is that all this political posturing on Benghazi and the IRS is loosely held together malarkey meant to smear democrats so that Hilary Clinton won’t run for president and the mid-term elections will result in republican majorities.  Lies are told by all sides.  The democrats tell you that they are ultra liberal and stand behind the president but democrats have grown weary of this novelty President that they can’t fully control and the liberal politics driving the democratic party is not so much what they all believe as much as it is what raises funds.  That’s the truth too. And while we’re on this truth tip, the IRS had every right to take a stronger and longer look at all these political organizations that were applying to be 501 (c) (4) nonprofits.  STOP IT!  There is no political organization, liberal or conservative or pro-religion or pro-color orange that should be exempt from paying taxes when that organization exists strictly to promote a political agenda. STOP IT!!

Truth is  omitted whenever it’s inconvenient, just the entire truth is not being discussed regarding the IRS “scandal”.  Just as the Cafritz developers did when they initially submitted fraudulent documents to University Park’s  Town Council, just as County Executive Baker did when he said he wouldn’t consider bringing gambling to Prince George’s County.  Now our county stands on the horizon of having an MGM Resort at National Harbor (sorry Parx Casino and Penn Gaming, it’s a wrap)  and a having it’s first Whole Foods Market.  The lies weren’t necessary.  Both the Baker and Cafritz agenda were advanced but it now I’m left with a lingering distrust for the both of them.  Just like with my coworker, the liar, I’ll go on to work with this person in harmony again, but I won’t soon trust because I have documented proof that my coworker is a liar.  There is no Oliver North that will aid my coworker with shredding documents, no way to erase emails or public statements.  No matter what you believe or how you try to spin it, a lie is a lie and it tends to linger.


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What you speak is truth! Well said!

Wow. I just stumbled onto your blog and have to say I love it and find it to be one of the most informative, whether trivial or serious information, that I have come across. I had to make a comment on this particular post, despite it being somewhat old news as of today really, because of the things you mentioned and stated in it. I think you communicated the absolute truth about what’s going on and why, and you communicated it perfectly! I am sure you received emails that said otherwise, but I think you were fair in regard to how both sides are acting, the crazy rhetoric being spewed by both sides, and you weren’t mean, biased, or condescending. I just wanted to share my opinion and to say Thank You for stating the truth so bluntly and fairly.

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