What Marylanders Think (Demo)

I can count on one hand without using all my fingers the amount of times I’ve been a part of a “scientific statitistical study.”  It seems that Gonzales Research has rounded up enough of you to make some statements about Marylanders and what they think.  Sadly, my voice was not one among these.  According to their study of 805 registered Maryland voters:

  1. The Economy and Jobs are the biggest issues
  2. A very small majority approve of the President’s job performance
  3. Most African-Americans oppose legalization of same sex marriage
  4. Democrats & Republicans oppose increasing the amount of slot machines and gambling establishments

For the entire report, click HERE.

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You go girl. I am so proud of you. This is great! And I love your topics tell me more about how you got started.
Brynda (from LOC)

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