What’s Up & Down in Prince George’s County (Demo)

Dr. Angelique Simpson-Marcus
Dr. Angelique Simpson-Marcus

She’s gone.  No not me.  I’ve been missing and for that apologize but I’m not gone.  NBC4 reported that Largo High School principal, Dr. Angelique Simpson-Marcus has left as principal of Largo High School, the school district confirms. School officials would not comment on the terms of her departure.” Dr. Simpson-Marcus has her fans and foes, but what I can tell you is that the people I have heard from regarding Simpson-Marcus had nothing good to say about her as an administrator. 

Credit CardsDelegate Alonzo Washington has proposed legislation that would snatch back credit cards from the Board of Education.  It’s sad that the credit cards have been misused by some to do stupid stuff like stay overnight in hotels that are less than 25 miles from their own homes, order room service, and pay utility bills.  There are legitimate needs for Board members to have credit cards and now, instead of the rotten apples having to suffer, the entire board will suffer the loss of their credit cards (see WPost article with particulars).  The legislation would take effect in 2016.  Hope the errant board members don’t go on a deadline induced spending spree before their cutoff date.  If you’d like to weigh in on the 2015-16 operating budget for PGCO’s schools, there will be 3 public hearings taking place in the board room of the Sasscer Administration Building, 14201 School Lane in Upper Marlboro. Dates: Tuesday, Jan. 20, Tuesday, Jan. 27, and Tuesday, Feb. 10.  Hearings begin at 7 p.m.
Crime VectorCrime rates continue to go down in PGCo and the ninth grade promotion rates at Charles H. Flowers and Potomac High Schools are up by double digits.  From The Gazette, Charles H. Flowers High School in Upper Marlboro improved its ninth grade promotion rate from 75.9 percent in 2013 to 93.2 percent in 2014, and Potomac High School of Oxon Hill improved its ninth grade promotion rate from 66.2 percent in 2013 to 84.6 percent in 2014, according to school system officials.”  Two areas that will have to see improvement if this county is to experience the great financial gains seen by DC and Fairfax county.  County officials from the Sheriff’s Office Warrant/Fugitive Division reported that the warrant backlog that was over 53,000 four years ago is now below 40,000.  Numbers this low haven’t been seen since 2007. County Executive Baker along with Gov. O’Malley and other county officials held a news conference to tout the dropping crime rates. In 2014, the County experienced a 9% reduction in both overall crimes and violent crimes when compared to the previous year. 2014 also saw the lowest level of homicides in the County since 1985.  Good to hear.
Camden College ParkWhat’s not good to hear is the string of burglaries, break-ins, and a murder at the Camden College Park apartment complex and the College Park area in general.  One of the cases took place Jan. 4th. A resident was confronted by 3 burglars inside that person’s own home and one of the home invaders had a gun.  What the WHAT?!! That Riverdale Park/College Park area is a jewel.  Restaurants, mid-rise apartments, hotels, and a soon to open Whole Foods are making the area into a cut above college town with appeal but if we let a pack of sleazy criminals take over, the area will crash and burn.  Residents of the Camden complain of unauthorized access to the garage due to tailgating, surveillance cameras that don’t work, and an unresponsive management company.  With rents starting above $12oo a month, management better join forces with Councilwoman Lehman, the po-po, neighborhood associations, and anyone else who can help to keep their revenue flowing.  GET IT TOGETHER!

Vinnie Taylor
Vinnie Taylor

A man wanted for illegally giving a woman butt injections that led to her death in Capitol Heights, MD has been arrested in St. Louis.  The Prince George’s County Office of the Sheriff’s Warrant/ Fugitive Division reported the extradition of Vinnie Taylor from St. Louis, MO.  Taylor was arrested by the St. Louis Police Department on an Dec. 10th arrest warrant from Prince George’s County Police Dept. for Second Degree Murder.

According to the warrant, on March 20th Taylor was at a hotel located in Capitol Heights, MD, where he gave the victim injections into her buttocks for the purpose of increasing their size. The victim became ill and checked herself into a local hospital where she later died. Detectives were unable to locate any evidence to support that Taylor had any medical training. The warrant also states that the doctor ruled the manner of the victim’s death a homicide. Deputies traveled to Saint Louis, MO to transport Taylor back so he could appear in the District Court of Maryland for Prince Georges County to face the charge of Murder in the Second Degree. Taylor is also charged with Assault First Degree and Reckless Endangerment.

Y’all be careful out there.  Don’t leave your purses, tablets and wallets on the seat when you’re pumping gas, and if you want to have cosmetic surgery PU-LEAZE go to a board certified medical professional. 


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I think you’re confusing the Camden development (which has been open for 10 years and is on the north border of College Park, near the Ikea) with the Cafritz development, which is still under construction, will include the Whole Foods, and is mostly in Riverdale Park with a small chunk at the south end of College Park.

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