Whole Foods Rounding Bend to PGCo (Demo)

I don’t know why I keep seeing that old Chuck Wagon dog food commercial from the 70’s when I think of Whole Foods coming to Prince George’s County. 
 Here comes Whole Foods rounding the corner bringing us old fashioned, locally sourced, good for us produce and groceries.  But we’ll have to deal with some new-fangled traffic woes and congestion on Route 1 in order to access these trail to Riverdale.
Prince George’s County Council voted 7-2 to approve the Cafritz Rezoning Proposal; Councilman Eric Olson (Dist 3) and Councilwoman Mary Lehman (Dist 1) voted no to the plan.   “To believe that a gourmet grocery store can save Prince George’s County is folly,” Lehman said. “This proposal flies in the face of comprehensive planning and zoning and good land use.”  Well dern Mary.  Folly? I don’t think anyone is looking for Whole Foods to be the savior of PGCo.  How’s that Konterra coming along?  
What the rezoning does is take 37 acres of land and rezone it from residential to mixed use/commercial, making way for PGCo’s first Whole Foods and a slew of  townhomes.  The 2004 master plan for this parcel deemed the acreage strictly for residential use.  Located along the Route 1 corridor linking Riverdale Park to the west and  College Park’s research park this already oft traveled corridor is destined to be a nightmare if a plan is not included to accommodate increased traffic..
Proposed by Jane Cafritz and family, the project will include a 2-acre gateway park fronting Route 1, new sidewalks, an extension of a hiker-biker trail and a new roadway connection over the CSX tracks between the Cafritz parcel and River Road, 224 senior housing units, 120 townhomes, more than 600 apartments, a 120-room boutique hotel, 22,000 square feet of office space and additional retail.  Woo.  That’s a lot.
Council Prez Andrea Harrison expressed reservations, as did Councilman Obie Patterson.   Harrison was upset that the initial master plan for zoning was casually tossed aside like a snotty tissue.  Patterson said much the same, adding his concern for traffic flow troubles.

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