Whole Foods Soap Opera Continues (Demo)

In the continuing saga of as the County Turns,  the Cafritz developers have resubmitted plans for bringing a Whole Foods to the Riverdale/College Park area of Prince George’s County.  As you know, there was a lot of drama when the developers submitted what appeared to be bogus letters of endorsement, which they later called placeholders, from county officials.  From the Washington Post, “The three letters — all purportedly from prominent local officials — endorsed a development plan that would bring Prince George’s County its first Whole Foods supermarket and provided new details on how the full project would be financed and built.”  The developers later withdrew their plans from the Prince George’s County Planning Department the day after the Riverdale Council voted against it.  
whole_foods-logoNOW, according to NBC4, “…the Cafritz Property at Riverdale Park officially re-submitted their plan to bring the coveted grocer to the Riverdale area.  A spokesperson for the project tells NBC4 that Cafritz anticipates going before the Planning Board in mid-May.  Until then, a representative of the Prince George’s County Planning Department indicates the new preliminary plan will go to the staff for review. University Park will hold a town hall meeting Wednesday, March 20 to discuss the latest developments with the project.”

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