Why Buy in PGCo?

The Redevelopment Authority of Prince George's County has $5 million to fund your down payments and closing costs for homes purchased in the county. Why should you buy? Let's talk about it.

House InteriorSometimes I don’t know where to begin.  There is always so much information to give that I don’t get to really just dish on Prince George’s County.  Guess we’ll dish later because I need you to know that this Saturday, November 1st,  at the Langley Park Community Center, 1500 Merrimac Drive, Hyattsville, MD 20783 at 11:00 am, the Redevelopment Authority of Prince George’s County (RDA) is holding a free community workshop to provide details on how potential homebuyers can utilize the “My HOME” program to purchase their first home.  This program provides up to $60k towards down payment and closing costs for first time homebuyers  in PGCo.  The workshop will be presented in English and in Spanish to ensure all participants gain a full understanding of the “My HOME” program. The Redevelopment Authority of Prince George’s County has over $5 million dollars available for first-time homebuyers to use to purchase a home in Prince George’s County. This Homebuyers Assistance Workshop will provide information on eligibility, how to get started, the home inspection process and participating lenders. There will also be a presentation from a participating lender to discuss the lending process, credit issues and the closing process.  Come out and get a piece of the pie.  Rent almost never goes down and at the rate PGCo, DC, and VA are building up, within the next 5 years, home prices will be totally out of reach.  Currently, they are a stretch, but in 5 years…  Need more information, call (301) 883-5456 for assistance in English and (301) 328-3292 for assistance in Spanish.
Oh it’s on and serious folks.  Monday, Oct. 27th at 5pm, the branding launch for Prince George’s County is happening at the Capitol Wheel, National Harbor.  Our County Executive Rushern Baker, County Council Chairman Mel Franklin, PGCO Economic Development Corporation CEO Gwen McCall, Matthew Neitzey from the PGCo Conference and Visitor’s Bureau, and big wig Jon Peterson,  
Blue RoseThings aren’t always so rosey in Prince George’s County as you know because that’s what is often reported about Prince George’s County.  PGCo student’s SAT scores went down by 10 points, Largo High School’s principal Angelique Simpson-Marcus is, from what I’m told by a reputable person who worked with her, unprofessional and out of control, and the school board is still using credit cards as if the bill wasn’t being paid by residents, AND a forclosed home scam in our county was so crazy that it made national news.  I still say that things are getting better: National Harbor is booming. School enrollment is up. Westphalia broke ground in 2013 and will be opening soon. College Park is blossoming into a major college town. A health campus is coming to Largo, New Carrollton is gaining a downtown area, and there’s a good chance the FBI will choose either Greenbelt or Largo as their new home.   We still have to get these schools together and root out entrenched corruption in politics and business but I believe if the people stay engaged and aware, we can do it.  Besides the obvious need to make better our schools, another way of adding value to the county is having a large percentage of homeowners and a small inventory of homes for sale.  While the water is still troubling, dip your foot in and buy.  This time of opportunity is going to pass.
Thus ends my commercial-like endorsement of this county.




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